Face Painting

By Paula Novak

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My name is Paula and I have been living in Rapid City for almost 20 years. I am a grandma to 9 amazing kids and owner/operator of a private daycare. Working with children has always been a passion.
Art runs in my veins!
            I discovered Face Painting this past year and fell head over heel in love with it.
I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and my new people canvas’s are the best yet. I love what I do and that is the key to my success.
            I only use FDA-compliant cosmetic grade makeup and glitter products, your safety is also mine.
I love to paint faces, plain and simple.  I love seeing the reaction of a child (or grownup)  as they look into the mirror and see how they are transformed.  It is a feeling that never gets old.​

Thank you for visiting my website.